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Zune celebrity sightings

Well, I started this page as a bit of a joke. We're only a few months into this crazy Social experiment called Zune, and celebrity sightings are few and far between.

Plus, that rich-and-famous jetset can be oh-so fashion-conscious, and are surely more likely to gravitate to all that hipness that is iPod. (Did I just reveal my un-hipness by saying "hipness"..? Oh, well.)

This page, then, will salute those courageous and individualistic celebs that, defying all peer pressure, choose to choose Zune.

Barack Obama

Evidence: Direct

President-elect Obama was spotted working out with a Zune in a Philadelphia fitness center, in December 2008. This ignited a flurry of controversy - "ZuneGate" - among tech bloggers and digital media passionistas. Is Obama an iPod fan or a Zune guy?

Alas, with the dust settling, it seems that Barack is a Mac/iPod user, and had borrowed a Zune from an aide for this workout. Oh well, he has obviously surrounded himself with good people.

Source: Philadelphia CityPaper

Zune graphic

Tommy Lee

Evidence: Indirect

Not to let Pam Anderson show him up, Tommy Lee has also been seen spotted with a Zune. (Maybe Pam gave hers to him?)

That looks like a Zune 4GB or 8GB box.

Source: ihaveazune

Zune graphic

Pam Anderson

Evidence: Indirect

Pam got her Airstream motor home refurbished with a Zune, connected to her 32" LCD screen via a DLO Home Dock.

This may be some product placement at work, but one way or another the evidence leads us to welcome Pam as part of the Social.


Zune graphic

Jeff Gordon

Evidence: Indirect

#24 got one of his race cars converted into a street-ready hot rod.

And, surrounded by some brain-shaking stereo speakers, is Jeff's black 30GB Zune, in what appears to be a custom-made dock.

Zune graphic


Zune graphic

Stephen Colbert

Evidence: Shaky

In the April issue of GQ, Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report is asked to reveal his "current favorite song on iPod". His response: "(A) IT'S A ZUNE AND (B) IT'S EIGHTEEN EXQUISITELY SILENT MINUTES OF ERASED WATERGATE TAPE".

The funniest part? How the IFB* came out in force, dismissing Colbert's comments as sarcasm (no, really?). It doesn't take much to get the IFB just a little frantic that people might think that someone as deadly cool as Colbert might actually be a Zuner.

For the record, we think that it likely was an ironic comment from Colbert. But until he tells us otherwise, we're claiming him as one of our own.

*iPod FanBoys


Zune graphic

Ellen DeGeneres

Evidence: Indirect

On September 20, 2006 - weeks before the player was launched - Ellen talked up Zune on her show. And she gave everyone in her studio audience a Zune.

We think it's safe to say that Ellen walked out of there with a Zune of her own, too. She described to HGTV's Chi-Lan Lieu how much she liked the screen display, and how easy the Zune was to use.

So, Ellen, consider yourself officially "claimed" as a Zune celebrity. I'm sure that, as we speak, you're in your dressing room, plugged into your 30GB, practicing your dance moves before the show.


Zune graphic

William H. Gates, Jr.

Evidence: Confirmed

Okay, as a general guideline, Microsoft employees - even world-famous ones - don't count for this celebrity Zune list.

But for Bill Gates we'll make an exception.

I snapped this picture myself, back on the November 14th Zune launch day, and can confirm that I saw Bill use a Zune and even wirelessly send songs to a nearby Zuner.


Anybody we've missed? Let us know.