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    Review: ZuneOne's Silicone Case for Zune 80GB

    ZuneOne is about to release a set of cases for Zune 80GB and 4/8GB players. We got a sampling of them recently, including this silicone case for the Zune 80GB. This brightly-colored case is available in black, clear, pink, and blue.

    The case comes bundled with a screen protector, wrist strap, belt clip, and armband. For $12, it's a nice little layer of rubbery protection that won't hit your pocketbook too hard.

    Read on for our full review.

    Packaging. The case comes in a simple plastic bag. Inside, here's what you get: silicone case, wrist strap, belt clip, armband, screen protector, and a screen-cleaning cloth.

    Features. The screen protector is protected on both sides with a thin peel-off layer of acetate. A soft cloth is provided to clean your screen before applying the protector.

    The Zune 80GB is a good tight fit (that's what you want in a silicone case) as it slides into the case.

    Openings at the top allow access to the headphone jack and the hold switch, while the sync port is easily accessed through the large opening at the bottom.

    The included belt clip is made of light plastic. It's not as heavy-duty as others we've seen, but it does the job and should last if you're not too abusive with it.

    The case's silicone material is slightly thinner than other cases we've tested, and you'll get some sag when the case hangs from the belt clip.

    The case comes with a decent quality armband. Generously-sized velcro areas, a comfortable width, and good elasticity make this an armband that you could use with lots of cases.

    There is some sagging when the 80GB is loaded in the case. I wouldn't go skydiving with this setup, but the silicone seems strong enough for general everyday use.

    We have some reservations about the silicone's ability to withstand a lot of jostling or accidental pulling, when using the belt clip or the armband.

    But on its own, the case itself offers a nice fit around the player, good access to all buttons and connections, and some bump protection for your player. And, it gives a funky and colorful look to your Zune 80, for not a lot of cash.

      Company: ZuneOne
      Model: Silicone Case for Zune 80GB
      Price: $12.00


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