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Photo Review: YoTank's ZuneTank

YoTank ZuneTank

YoTank's ZuneTank is a heavy-duty case for your Zune, machined from a solid aluminum bar. Available in mirror finish (shown) or in anodized black, this case makes a statement and has to be the most rugged case we've encountered.

We've nicknamed ours the "Hummer of all Zune cases". If you like your cases so overbuilt that they're almost, well, elegant, then put that beer down, pick up your allen wrenches, and let's check out this bad boy.

The case comes with a felt-lined aluminum base, aluminum front, clear lexan screen screen protector, eight allen bolts (only six are needed), and an allen key.

The lexan screen guard arrives protected with acetate covering, which peels away. The screen guard then rests neatly in a recess machined into the inside of the front cover.

Your Zune fits snugly into the base, and the cover bolts on with six allen bolts. This is not an easy-in, easy-out case - but once you have your Zune enclosed, there's little reason to pull it out from all of that amazing protection.

Generous openings are provided for the headphone jack and hold switch. The hold switch opening is tapered, which makes it easier to reach in with your finger to slide the switch between its locked and unlocked positions.

Down below, an opening is provided for the sync cable.

The control pad opening and button openings are nicely sized and tapered, resulting in smooth and unhindered operation of the player controls.

The case looks like it will protect your Zune from scratches, falls, crushes, bumps, and the occasional falling meteor. While your Zune will have ultimate protection, the case itself has the usual cosmetic vulnerabilities of aluminum: it scratches easily, and shows fingerprint smudges readily - at least in the mirror finish model. But that's being picky - if you're man enough for this case, a few scratches and fingerprints aren't going to scare you off.

My first shot of the case in video mode showed Sleepless in Seattle, and that just seemed to be a travesty. So here's a Jaws shot, just to clear up any uncertainty that may exist about whether I'm manly enough to own a ZuneTank.

YoTank ZuneTank

Front and back, the ZuneTank has a commanding presence from any angle.

YoTank ZuneTank

  Company: YoTank
  Model: Zunetank
  Price: $75 ($82.50 for Anodized Black model)
If you want maximum protection for your Zune player, the ZuneTank is the ultimate choice - and offers high quality machining and a sleek finish to boot. Recommended by Zunerama.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama


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