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December 1, 2007

Review: WraptorSkinz for Zune

Accessory-maker WraptorSkinz kindly chose Zunerama to give the first review of its new lineup of Zune WraptorSkinz - colorful vinyl skins that protect and decorate your Zune player.

These skins are available now for the Zune 30GB, 8GB, and 4GB. These will soon be joined by skins for the Zune 80GB. Read on for the results of our review.

Here's the package we received from WraptorSkinz:

With each WraptorSkinz, you get a clear plastic screen protector, an applicator squeegee for smoothing out air bubbles when applying the screen protector, and a simple instruction card. (30GB and 4/8GB versions shown below.)

If you choose to use the screen protector, put it on before applying the skin. Smooth it out using the squeegee.

To apply the skin, peel the front skin from its cardboard backing. You can poke out the areas for the buttons and control pad (or Zune Pad), and apply those separately. I found it also worked well to just leave them and to apply them intact with the rest of the skin.

Press the skin onto the face of the player as you line up its openings with the screen and buttons. Once the Zune touches the skin and bonds, smooth the skin down with your finger to ensure a good bond. Wrap the skin around the sides and rear of the player.

Here are some shots of applying the skins to the smaller flash Zune players:

The skins do a nice job protecting the player from scratches - covering the front, back, and sides of the Zune. Each skin is made of a vinyl material coated with a high-gloss 2nd layer.

The skins do not inhibit the use of the buttons or the control pad. And on the 4GB or 8GB's Zune Pad - surprise! The touch-sensitive Zune Pad works perfectly fine even through the WraptorSkinz.

While they certainly feel durable, the skins are paper-thin - and thus they don't crowd the player when you want to slide it into cases, holsters, or docks. Below you can see the skinned player, slid into my DLO Leather case, and my Microsoft Home Dock.

The WraptorSkinz designs are vivid, with an array of splashy colors and photo-quality patterns to choose from. Over 80 designs are available across the Zune player lineup.

WraptorSkinz provided us with some matching Zune wallpaper for the skins they sent us. Very cool! Those wallpapers will shortly be available for download (free of charge) from the WraptorSkinz website.

WraptorSkinz claims that the screen protector can be "removed, cleaned and re-applied as often as you like" - and our tests have borne that out. We peeled and re-applied the protector twenty times on one of our 30GB players, and found no or minimal reduction in the cling and clarity of the protector. You just have to take care to not get lint, dust or fingerprints on the screen protector.

And don't worry when you decide it's time to peel off the skin itself - it doesn't leave any sticky residue at all. Just peel it off, and set it back on the cardboard backing you were smart enough to save for this purpose.

The WraptorSkinz site is worth browsing to see all of their 4GB and 8GB skins and their 30GB skins.

  Company: WraptorSkinz
  Amazon link: WraptorSkinz for Zune
  Product: WraptorSkinz for Zune 80, 30, 8, and 4GB
  Price: $9.95 USD
WraptorSkinz are attractive and high quality - and would make a fun, inexpensive gift for your favorite Zuner or yourself. We give WraptorSkinz for Zune our "Recommended by Zunerama" rating.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama


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