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Photo Review: Proporta Aluminium case for Zune

Proporta, the U.K.-based manufacturer of gadget accessories, recently released its distinctive line-up of Zune cases. Today we review the Aluminum (or Aluminium, as they say) case for Zune - one of few such sturdy and lightweight cases available for Zune players. We came away impressed with this stylish case.

Packaging and Box Contents. The Aluminum Case's packaging is shown below. Inside the box, you get the case itself, a belt clip, and belt clip fastener.

Features and Performance. The front-and-back view below shows the basic features of the case: on the front, a clear plastic screen covering, and openings for the Back button, Play/pause button, and control pad. On the reverse, a threaded fastener for the belt clip, and openings for threading a strap or lanyard (not included).

Control pad operation is not affected by the case. Pressing of the Back and Play/Pause buttons requires a little deeper reach than you may be used to, compared to an uncased Zune.

Interior of the case is lined with soft, protective neoprene. The lid clamps closed securely.

Proporta Aluminum Zune case

A generous cut-out is provided for the hold switch - you can readily slide the switch from locked to unlocked position through the opening. The headphone jack is sufficiently sized to accept even larger headphone jacks.

Another cut-out on the bottom of the case provides room for the sync cable.

The belt clip retainer screws directly into threads in the back of the case. Once screwed in, the plastic belt clip snaps into place on the retainer.

On the review model that we tested, the hinge pin had a habit of sliding out of its collar. I rectified this by giving the hinge pin a slight bend and re-inserting it - that seemed to take care of it.

  Company: Proporta
  Model: Zune Aluminum Case
  Price: $34.95
If you favor the metallic look, the Proporta Aluminum case makes for a nicely-finished, light, sturdy case. We're looking forward to reviewing other cases and accessories from the Proporta line-up.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama


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