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Photo/Video Review: Griffin Centerstage case for Zune

Griffin's Centerstage case for Zune is a polycarbonate protective case with a fold-out kickstand. The case offers both eye-pleasing style and solid functionality.

Available in black, fuchsia, or mirror-finish, the case offers a dash of color in the lower front of the case and in the aluminum kickstand. When not in use, the kickstand folds flush with the rear of the case. The rubber-coated foot of the kickstand keeps your Zune stationary, in either horizontal or vertical viewing mode.

Read on for a video and photo review of the Griffin Centerstage.

Griffin Centerstage case for Zune
Zunerama Video Review (01:52)

Packaging. As with its other cases, Griffin's box design is attractive and lets you easily remove the case. (No need for scissors or box-cutters.)

Features and Performance. The back and front views below show the case's basic construction. The case is clear on all sides, except for the colored accent around the controls.

We're glad we got both fuchsia and black, because both color combinations look great! Control pad operation is not affected by the case. Pressing of the Back and Play/Pause buttons requires a little deeper reach than you may be used to, compared to an uncased Zune - but it's not a huge adjustment.

The kickstand's rubber foot does the job well in either horizontal or vertical viewing mode. When closed, the kickstand rests in a slot embedded in the case. The case is slightly relieved around the foot, making it easy to tuck a fingertip under the foot to swing the kickstand out.

Curiously, the tasteful Griffin logo is printed such that it's upside down when the case is oriented in landscape mode for video viewing.

Generous openings are provided for the headphone jack, and for access to the hold switch.

Down below, the bottom of the case is mostly open, and connecting the sync cable is an easy matter.

The top of the case snaps onto the bottom. To remove the Zune, pry the case apart by inserting a coin into slots in the bottom corners.

Below are a few shots of the case, sans player.

  Company: Griffin
  Model: centerstage for Zune
  Price: $24.99 (or less on Amazon)
  Amazon link: Griffin Centerstage for Zune
Highly recommended! The smart design, good craftmanship, and tasteful color choices earn this our "Recommended by Zunerama" rating.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama


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