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December 20, 2006

Review: DLO Power Pack for Zune

DLO Power Pack for Zune

Digital Life Outfitters has assembled a sensible package of compact charging accessories for Zune.

Your Zune player comes with a USB sync cable, which doubles as a charging cable. Your Zune's battery gets charged whenever it's connected to your PC with the sync cable.

But there are times when that's not convenient, and the Power Pack fills that need with an AC adapter, an auto charger, and a USB dock cable.

Packaging. Like other Zune accessories from DLO, the Power Pack arrives in a simple, attractive box, in the traditional Zune brown-and-orange motif.

Features and Performance. The AC adapter (which DLO dubs the "Power Bug") is sleek and compact with a fold-away plug - perfect for stuffing into a briefcase or travel bag. It sports a shiny black finish and discrete DLO logo. The Power Bug has a power status LED indicator - handy when you're not sure if that hotel electrical outlet is controlled by a wall-switch or not.

The included USB dock cable connects the Power Bug to your Zune.

DLO Power Pack for Zune

The auto charger fits any standard automobile power outlet - you know, what your father used to call a cigarette lighter. It also uses the USB dock cable to connect to your Zune.

Both the Power Bug and the auto charger feel tough enough to handle any bumps and knocks they're likely to encounter on a road trip.

The USB dock cable is identifical to the sync cable that comes with Zune players, with a Zune player connection on one end and a USB connector on the other. In addition to using it with the Power Bug or the auto charger, you can use the dock cable to connect your Zune to the USB port of a PC, to sync and/or charge your Zune. It's nice to have a backup, so you can leave one sync cable attached to your PC while you're out travelling with your Zune.

  Company: DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters)
  Model: Power Pack for Zune
  Price: $39.99
  Amazon link: DLO Power Kit for Microsoft Zune
The compact design and solid construction makes this accessory pack well-suited for on-the-go use.
If you're ever more than half a day away from your PC, you'll be pleased to have this highly portable, stylish charging set along for the ride.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama

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