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January 1, 2007

Review: DecalGirl Skins for Zune

DecalGirl Skin for Zune

Vinyl skin maker DecalGirl recently released its lineup of skins for Zune. With over 70 designs available, there's a style for practically everyone. In our review of DecalGirl's skins, we found the quality of the vinyl skins impressive.

We also found them easy to apply, as demonstrated by 9-year-old Hannah in the video review below. She shows how simple it is to line up and apply the vinyl skin to the front and back of your player.

DecalGirl Skins for Zune
Zunerama Video Review (02:24)

The skins arrive attached to a backing sheet.

To apply, peel the front skin off carefully, and lay it sticky-side up on a clean, flat surface.

Hold the Zune face-down with both hands, and carefully lower it onto the skin - keeping it carefully aligned. (Hannah demonstrates in the video.)

Once the Zune touches the skin and bonds, lift it up and smooth the skin down with your finger to ensure a good bond.

DecalGirl Skin for Zune

Repeat this with the skin for the back.

The skins cover the front and back, and leave the sides uncovered. Your sync cable, headphone jack, and lock switch are thus unencumbered by the skin. A small pop-out in the back skin provides a peephole so you can view your Zune's serial number.

Bedecked in its new vinyl skin, our Zune was easy to use. Markings on the front skin denote the locations of the Back and Play/Pause buttons. We found that with the skin, it took slightly more pressure than usual to depress the buttons.

In case you're wondering, you can still fit a skinned Zune player into cases - even snug leather cases like the Vaja Balance, and the DLO Leather, shown below. We're betting, though, that most of the time you won't want to cover up all that personality being expressed through your Zune skin.

Should you want to remove the skin, it comes off cleanly and leaves no residue whatsoever on the body of the Zune. Very nice!

With care, you may be able to even re-use it... although they're not really made to take on and off repeatedly.

In addition to the quality of the vinyl, DecalGirl stands out for its great selection of skins.

A sampling is below; you can see more by clicking on any skin, which will take to DecalGirl through an affiliate link.

  Company: DecalGirl
  Model: Skins for Zune
  Price: $6.99 USD
We find DecalGirl vinyl skins to be a fun, fashionable, and well-made accessory for your Zune. With a great selection, and an unbeatable price of $6.99 per skin, we give DecalGirl skins for Zune our "Recommended by Zunerama" rating.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama


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