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Video/Photo Review: BoxWave's FlexiSkin case for Zune

Boxwave has added Zune to its line-up of FlexiSkin products. The Zune FlexiSkin is a flexible, anti-static, low-profile case that provides protection from dust and bumps. The FlexiSkin colors include Aluminum Grey, Coral Pink, Frosted Clear, Future Blue, Jet Black, and Smoke Grey. The skin is available with or without a belt clip, screen guard, and kickstand. We reviewed a FlexiSkin with a belt clip and screen guard, and were pleased with the product.

Check it out by clicking on the video review below. Pictures and more details follow.

BoxWave FlexiSkin case for Zune
Zunerama Video Review (02:21)

Packaging. Don't buy this one for fancy packaging: the FlexiSkin comes in very basic clear packaging.

Features and Performance. Things look better once you get the FlexiSkin out of its case. In the box, you get the FlexiSkin, a screen guard (optional), belt clip (optional), and a long and short lanyard.

The case is well-made and fits the Zune perfectly. Just slide the player into the case through the screen opening.

A protective screen cover slips into the case and guards your player's screen against scrapes and scratches.

Openings are provided for the headphone jack and hold switch at the top of the player. The case is thin enough that operation of the hold switch is unimpeded. And the headphone jack is large enough to accept wide profile connectors; I tried a variety of headphone jacks and had no trouble completely inserting each one into the port.

The sync cable opening in the bottom is generously sized. Some might question the amount of the player's bottom that is left exposed to the elements; but in my opinion the convenience of having wide-open access to the sync cable makes this a good design choice.

The lanyards can be slip-knotted around the beltclip fastener. I don't find much use for lanyards, but for those who like them these seem to be good quality straps.

The plastic belt-clip is removable. It connects securely to a built-in fastener on the back of the case. The back of the case also has openings to allow the case to be threaded through a belt. This seems to be of limited functionality; in order to remove the Zune, you'd have to slide the skin out from the belt, or pull the player out of the case.

  Company: BoxWave
  Model: FlexiSkin
  Price: $29.95 - $32.95 (or web sale $19.95 or $22.95)
  Amazon link: Microsoft Zune FlexiSkin
This is a well-made, thoughtfully-designed case, with a full set of optional features. It holds its own with the best silicon-style flexible cases available. Recommended by Zunerama.

Zune accessory - Recommended by Zunerama

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