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January 30, 2007

Review: 22Moo's Crystal Clear Case for Zune

22moo Zune clearcase

Today we look at 22Moo's Crystal Clear Case for Zune - a plastic case for your player that comes in clear, red, green, black, purple and grey. We found it to be a serviceable case offering good protection but coming up short in some areas of convenience.

Packaging. The Crystal Clear Case is packaged in a nondescript clear plastic box beneath a layer of shrinkwrapped cellophane. Wording on the package is generic ("Protect closely, carry conveniently, for mp3 player"). Not gift-worthy, unless you extract it from that packaging and wrap it yourself.

What you get. The Crystal Clear Case has an upper half and lower half, both of sturdy clear plastic, that clip together to securely encase your player. You also get a black lanyard that serves as a carrying strap for the case.

Durability. Your Zune will certainly be protected in the Crystal Clear Case. The player is completely enclosed, except for access openings for cable connections, and an oval opening for the back button, play/pause button, and control pad. The hardy plastic is a strong shield against scuffs, scratches, and other abuse.

All that protection comes at a cost to convenience. The thickness of the case is such that, even with the opening for the hold switch, I wasn't able to slide the switch without using a thin object like a pencil.

The opening for the headphone jack may be too narrow for some jacks; I had one stereo jack with a thin profile that I could seat fully, but another with a thicker casing that was blocked by the case and couldn't be fully inserted.

The sync cable opening is fine - you can readily insert and remove a sync cable.

On the back of the case is a thin kickstand that hinges out, to hold the case up for viewing slideshows and videos. The kickstand is quite fragile and I had to be careful not to snap it off.

To remove the player from the case, you'll need to pry the upper half from the lower half. I found I had to wedge a thin blade into the seam to work the two halves apart.

  Company: 22Moo
  Model: Clear Case for Zune
  Price: $19
  Product link: 22Moo link
The Clear Case offers durable protection, and the case looks good. You can forgive the tacky packaging, but be aware of the delicate kickstand and the potential for a tight fit with your headphone jack.


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