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2009 Zune Guide

Our first annual Zune Guide is available now!

A free download, the 2009 Zune Guide contains 40+ pages of Zune tips, reviews of Zune accessories, gift-giving ideas, trivia, contests, and more.

Designed to be downloaded to your PC or Mac, the Zune Guide includes articles with convenient hyperlinks to Zune resources on the web.

Bonus! People who download the guide are eligible to win a 16GB Zune flash player, and other Zune accessory prizes. See page 15 of the guide for details.

  • All-New 2009 Zune Guide
  • Free download (3MB)
  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (available here)
  • 40+ pages of Zune goodness
  • Exclusive: Win a 16gb flash Zune player, and Zune accessories
  • Exclusive: Get discounts on Zune accessories
  • Download (right-click, 'Save As...')

What's Inside

The Guide includes articles on:

  • The Year in Review
  • You and Your Zune
  • Zune ID card
  • Zune giveaways
  • Zune MVPs
  • Contest to win Zune 16GB player
  • Your Voice
  • Zune Gift Ideas: lists for guys, gals, and kids
  • 'Up Close' looks at Zune accessories
  • Zune applications and widgets
  • Zune wallpaper
  • Playlist essentials

... in addition to Zune tips sprinkled throughout the document.

Click here to download your 2009 Zune Guide

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