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Cucusoft Zune Video Converter Suite


Cucusoft Zune Video Converter Suite is a simple and powerful software package for converting DVDs and video files to make them playable on your Zune. The package includes DVD to Zune Converter (which rips and converts movies from DVDs), and Zune Video Converter (which converts other video files on your PC).

With Cucusoft you can:

  • Convert almost all kinds of DVDs to Zune-compatible .wmv format
  • Create Zune-compatible video files, so they sync to your player without needing to be re-converted.
  • Customize the file size and quality of the video file
  • Incorporate subtitles into converted movies
  • Select audio track (English, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • Select video cropping options (16:9 widescreen, 4:3 fullscreen)
  • Convert DVD audio to MP3
recommended by Zunerama

Zunerama recommends Cucusoft for its ease of use, conversion speed, and quality results.

You can try out Cucusoft with the trial version, or buy the full version. Both are delivered to you as downloads so you can start using Cucusoft right away. The trial version is fully functional, but embeds a watermark on your converted video.

Cucusoft free trial      Cucusoft buy now

Download with confidence. Zunerama recommends Cucusoft Zune Converter Suite, and supports your Cucusoft experience with:

  • Up-to-date links to download latest version of free trial
  • Up-to-date links to purchase and download full package
  • Cucusoft tutorial with Zunerama's step-by-step instructions and over thirty screenshots
  • Free access to Zunerama's Cucusoft technical support board, where you can ask questions, get help, and share your experience with Cucusoft software.
  • Free access to our Zune community in the Zunerama forum, where you meet and interact with thousands of other Zune enthusiasts.

More info. The package is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. For new users, the friendly interface applies default conversion parameters, and walks you through the simple steps to get your movies ready to play on your Zune.

More experienced users can set various options for output file size and quality, and even set up skins to dress up your Cucusoft user interface.

Unlike some conversion packages, Cucusoft lets you see the movie as it converts. The preview window shows you exactly how far it has progressed at any time in the conversion.

You can convert entire DVDs, or selected chapters within DVDs. You can also convert just certain scenes in a movie - from any starting and stopping point that you choose.

Cucusoft free trial      Cucusoft buy now