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Zune 120GB confirmed

August 24, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Zune 120GB player

Rumors have been hot this past week about Microsoft's plans for a 120GB Zune player - and last week's FCC filing of a 120GB player certainly provided hard evidence that such a device is in the works. (The pic above is from the FCC test repot and shows a 120GB Zune strapped to a table for emissions testing.)

Now it's been formally confirmed by Microsoft. Pricing and other details are TBD, but Cesar Menendez of Microsoft's Zune team has confirmed for us that the 120GB player is in the offing.

This additional capacity ought to make Zune more compelling as a video player as well as a music player. Assuming that the 120GB carries forward the Zune 80's 3.2-inch screen, it takes advantage of a niche that is missing in the iPod line-up: a high-capacity player with a screen-size of over 3-inches.

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cucusoft graphic

Sketchy returns with new flash Zune skin

August 3, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Sketchy Zune skin for flash Zune 8GB and 4GB player

It's great to see the latest designs from Sketchy, the Zune wunderkind who wowed us last year with his ingenious home-made cases for Zune 30GB players.

Now he's back, with a unique offering for Zune 4GB and 8GB flash players - the "Atomicplate". The thin, hard material covers the back and the front of the player, leaving edges and ports open. The protective layer sticks with a temporary adhesive that allows it to be removed cleanly and to be re-attached later.

As we've come to expect from Sketchy, the workmanship is professional and the design is eye-pleasing.

Sketchy created the first production unit of this skin for Zunerama, custom-engraved with our site name and with a graphic of our choosing. (With a nod to our Canadian roots, we chose a maple leaf.)

Front and back views of the skin:

They're available for $15 (front and back) or $10 (back only), which includes U.S. shipping as well as your custom engraving.

More details and photos, as well as ordering info for your own custom skin, are in Sketchy's thread in the Zunerama forums.

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Exclusive: Incipio Metal cases for Zune

July 22, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Incipio metal Zune cases

I have just spent a very enjoyable evening testing and photographing Incipio's soon-to-be-released metal cases for Zune. In this Zunerama exclusive (thanks, Incipio!), you'll see why the fit, finish, and overall form of these cases is something to be excited about.

I received six cases from Incipio: three each for my Zune 80GB and Zune 8GB/4GB players. Both cases have a clear front shield that protects the screen, and open access to buttons and touch pad.

They are feather-light cases - made of very thin anodized aluminum - that add very little weight and almost no bulk to your player.

The upper and lower halves of the case slide together precisely, with a groove guiding the two pieces together. A pair of circular nubs in the base settle into openings on the top half to secure the two pieces together.

You can switch between a spring-clasp belt clip and a kickstand clip. As far as I have seen, this is the first kickstand case for a flash Zune - great for comfortable viewing angles for videos and slideshows.

What will really wow you, though, is the finish. These cases are really eye-popping - some of the most beautiful cases I've seen and held.

I can't decide if I like the Antique Copper best, or the pink. Others may prefer the gleaming chrome or more matte-like black. The rich colors look great on the anodized finish.

Here are a few more shots; to really appreciate these cases, though, you need to get over to our photo review.


Incipio metal Zune cases Incipio metal Zune cases Incipio metal Zune cases

You can see these and more compelling Zune cases at

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Happy birthday to us

July 21, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Our little online home for all things Zune is two years old today.

Much has happened since we launched the site - not just with Zune players and software, but with Zune websites as well.

In fall of 2006, an explosion of Zune websites hit the web - at one point I counted 300 registered Zune website domains. That was just a few weeks after the name "Zune" was revealed.

For me, I've learned a lot about how rewarding - and how much hard work - it is to run a Zune website! I'm very thankful for our active moderators - Jander, Coot66, and segadc - and for our regulars who frequent the forums with their thoughtful and interesting posts.

I am, of course, thrilled that Zunerama has been one of the sites with staying power. I have great plans for this site and see it being a growing part of the online Zune community for a long time to come. Happy birthday, Zunerama!

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More Zune giveaways for our 2nd birthday!

July 20, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Zunerama giveaway cases

Tomorrow is our second birthday, and we're adding to the celebration with more quality Zune products to give you!

Thanks to the following Zune accessory makers for being part of our celebration with these giveaways:

DLO: DLO leather HipCases for Zune 80, to five Zunerama members!

Griffin: a Zune accessory bundle made up of an iClear, iTrip Auto Universal, and Power Duo!

Incipio: a Zune two-case bundle - your choice of Incipio leather case and silicone case!

Proporta: an Alu-Leather case of your choice!

These join the giveaways we already have underway, for a KICKER Zune stereo, an iHome Zune clock radio, and a limited edition Zune Meomi print.

We're going to have some happy members as we announce the winners over the next few days - starting with our winner of the ZK500 Zune Dock tomorrow.

See all our giveaways, and enter to win, in our giveaway board! And many thanks to these companies for their support of Zunerama as we enter our third year.

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Zunerama gets Zune MVP recognition for 2nd year

July 18, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

I recently learned that I've been selected as a Zune MVP for 2008/2009. This is a renewal of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award that I received last year.

There are about 4,000 MVPs worldwide, covering all Microsoft products. This award gives me a little bit of access to the Zune team and a chance to provide input to them from our Zunerama community.

That means a lot to me, and really makes me appreciate our forum community. You "are" this site, and make this place worthy of this recognition from Microsoft. Thanks for that!!

Who knows what delights are in store for us in the year ahead..?!

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Win an iHome Zune clock radio

July 14, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

iHome is wishing Zunerama a happy 2nd birthday, by giving away its ZN9 Zune Clock Radio to one of our members. Thanks, iHome!!

As far as I know, this is the first giveaway ever for this cool new product - the world's first Zune-docking clock radio. It's compatible with all Zune players, and is feature-loaded.

I have one of these and am really enjoying it. To see more about it, check out our ZN9 clock radio review, which has a video review as well as photos.

Now you can win yours! Just tell me about your most memorable birthday, and consider yourself entered.

We draw a random winner on July 31. Good luck!

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Digg big-wigs showcase Zune

July 11, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Diggnation hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose spend seven minutes chatting up Zune. Both own Zune players and talk about Zune Originals, wireless sharing, and other miscellaneous joys of being a Zune owner.

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Last day to enter Zune 8GB "Summer Fun" drawing

June 29, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

We're hours away from drawing a winner of a Zune 8GB flash player!

To enter, just post in this thread about your fun summer plans.

Tomorrow evening (Pacific time), we'll randomly draw from all posted entries.

The winner will get his or her choice of Zune 8GB player, bundled with a Speck Tough-Skin case.

Good luck!

While you're in our giveaway board, check out our other giveaways in celebration of our second birthday!

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Official Zune User's Guide

June 28, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Have you seen the online Zune User's Guide... lately?

I checked this out recently, prompted by a recent post from Vipralion.

The guide has been much improved from the versions I'd seen earlier. It has all been updated, of course, for Zune second-generation players and Zune 2.5 software. Sections include Getting Started, Your Zune, Zune Software, Zune Marketplace, Music/Videos/Pictures, Podcasts, Sharing with Friends, and Joining the Social.

You can view it here.

While it doesn't drill down into great detail - hey, that's what Zune community sites like Zunerama are for - it does provide a useful primer for new Zune users.

Versions of the guide are also available in Spanish and in French.

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Make me laugh! And win a KICKER Zune Dock!

June 27, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

We're closing in on Zunerama's second birthday, on July 21.

And, I'm excited to announce that KICKER is helping us celebrate. Courtesy of that fine company, we're giving away a ZK500 to one of you!

To enter, you need to post a joke in our giveaway thread. Make me laugh! And you must keep it clean!

For anybody new to it, the ZK500 is Kicker's highly regarded Zune stereo. Its dock is compatible with all models of Zune players, and you can also connect other music players to it with its (included) auxiliary-in connector.

I have one and absolutely love it. I've been greatly pleased with the look and the sound of it, and have enjoyed showing it off to any friends and family dropping by the house.

You can see more about it in our video review, at Kicker, or through this Amazonlink.

Don't miss this chance to win yours!

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Get your Zune ID card!

June 26, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

zune ID card

Have you ever found yourself within wireless range of another Zune owner, and just wanted to send a little introductory "hello"?

I have several times, and now I've got the perfect thing to send - a simple, attractive graphic that says hello and introduces myself.

You can get yours now, thanks to Zunerama member Trastan, who will create your very own personalized card for ya, gratis.

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First peek at Joy Division special edition Zune

June 25, 2008 | by Harvey Chute

Zunerama member RL got his hands on one of the special-run, limited edition Joy Division Zune players, and posted unboxing pix.

Only 500 of these are being made. RL got #39/500.

Nice package! RL describes the unboxing:

I got the box this afternoon from FedEx. Solid Black. Opened it up. Solid black. Unwrapped the black paper from the interior box. Solid Black with the Unknown Pleasures Graphics engraved into the cardboard.

Opened what appeared to be a 2 inch thick, LP Sized box and found another padding area with the same design engraved into the polyfoam. Lifted it up and there it was: a leather case with the same engravings; a black 80gb Zune.

It was solid black, almost reminicent of the 30gb, lighter with a sticker on the glass warning of unsuitable content for minors. To the side were the obligatory USB cable and premium headphones. Etched into its polyfoam cradle was a single signature, Peter Saville.

RL goes on to describe the player background, and the preloaded Joy Division content.

A very special edition indeed. You can see more unboxing pix here!

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Zune accessory giveaways

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