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December 25, 2007

zune graphic

December 24, 2007

Getting a Zune this Christmas?

by Harvey Chute

zune graphic

If you're hoping to unwrap a Zune player tomorrow, let us be the first to welcome you to our world.

We'd love to see pics, and hear about your experiences. And, of course, if you have any questions, you can get support from our tech support board.

We try to be the most newbie-friendly Zune forum out there, so take advantage of our helpful members and get your questions answered.

You can also see Zune tips in our forums and in our Zune tips page.

(Here's one tip for ya: don't wait for your player before you download and install Zune software. Get it from You can have it start scanning your PC for music, videos, and pictures now.)

And if you're not a member yet, join Zunerama today. It's free, of course!

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December 23, 2007

Make your Christmas merrier...

by Harvey Chute winning one of our 12 Skinz of Christmas. Our first WraptorSkinz winner will be drawn on Christmas Day.

Good luck!

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December 22, 2007

Democrat candidates beat GOP in gadget-geekiness... barely

Zune bloc ignored

by Harvey Chute

You don't expect professional politicians to be fully up on gadgets, and our current presidential candidates have proven that out.

In the tradition of the boxer versus briefs line of questions, AP asked the candidates to name their favorite electronic gadgets. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards gave the obvious hip answer with "my iPod", while Barack Obama and Bill Richardson cited their BlackBerrys as their favorite gadgets. Gee, no iPhones?

Still, that was impressive compared to the Republicans. Rudy Giuliani came up with "CD player". John McCain: his cell phone and TV remote. Ooph, I bet his advisors would like another swing at that one. Mitt Romney: BlackBerry. Fred Thompson: iPod. Mike Huckabee: "Probably my laptop. Or my bass guitar and amplifier."

Clearly it is too much to hope that someone would have represented the coveted Zune voting bloc. If only Steven Colbert had been able to file his candidacy. At least he knows what a Zune is!

Thanks to CBS News for the gadget poll results.

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December 21, 2007

Zune sync diagnostic tool

by Harvey Chute

Having trouble syncing your Zune player?

Microsoft has made a diagnostic tool available. It's intended to be used when you're in a Zune tech support session, but it's also available for you to download and use it on your own.

The tool can be helpful when you're having trouble syncing, both for USB and wireless syncing.

You can download the 250KB tool here.

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December 19, 2007

Airing your listening habits: Zune cards

by Harvey Chute

Many Zunerama members are posting their Zune cards as their forum signatures. (Here's how.)

This has prompted aapold to comment on how this may affect one's listening habits. (Zune cards display your most recently-listened-to tracks, along with your most heavily-played favorites.)

Like many, no doubt, aapold admits that he sometimes gravitates to songs that will look "cool", while avoiding the "uncool" tracks that he knows will show up to other forum members.

Many of us confessed to a similar tendency. After spending months building up your indie cred, do you really want the last ten tracks on your Zune card to be from John Denver's greatest hits?

After some group therapy, we're encouraging each other to proudly display those lame, guilty-pleasure tracks you listen to.

So go ahead. Fearlessly play those tracks from Abba, Boney M, Michael B (Bolton or Buble, you know you have them both), or even Celine. Really. We promise not to tease, much.

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Zune DVD tutorial

December 14, 2007

Maximo iMetal isolation earphones

by Harvey Chute

Maximo has been kind enough to send me some of its earphones, including the iM-390 isolation earphones shown above.

I'm really enjoying my tests of these earphones. They are very lightweight, with an aluminum alloy body, and a nice warm sound which suits me. I also like the thoughtful accessories that come with it - including a 2-foot extension cable, 2.5MM adapter, air travel adapter, and a smart carrying case.

More pics will be coming up in our review. In the meantime, you can see more at the Maximo site and through this Amazon affiliate link.

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Find Zune accessories on Amazon

December 12, 2007

Use Zune auto-playlists again!

by Harvey Chute

High on many Zune-owners' wishlists are auto-playlists - the ability of Zune software to automatically generate and maintain playlists based on user parameters. This powerful capability was provided in Zune first-generation software, and is missing from the latest version - to much hue and cry from those of us who rely heavily on it.

Well, Merry Christmas from Zunerama member thenumberdevil, who has devised a way to to reintroduce auto-playlist capability. He borrows that functionality from Windows Media Player, and by saving the resulting playlist as an m3U file, it's instantly readable by Zune software.

So using this method you can create auto-playlists - and sync them to your Zune - with every song in your collection that, for example, you haven't listened to in 30 days, or that contain "party" in the song title, or that are in the Rock genre - or any combination of settings that you want.

It's a little tricky to refresh your playlist as your collection changes, but this ought to offer some relief to Zune owners who've been missing that auto-playlist feature. See detailed instructions here.

Thanks, thenumberdevil!

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December 09, 2007

Chance encounter: Zunerama meets a Zune program manager

by Harvey Chute

This morning, I'm in the Alaska Airlines gate area in LAX, with oldest daughter Celeste. A few steps away is a guy with a small music player. Celeste notices his cloth-covered headphone wires, and pokes me: "Look, I bet he's got a Zune."

She whips out her Zune 30, presses "Social", and indeed there's a Zune nearby. We send him a track: Round Here from Counting Crows.

A few seconds later, we're invited to receive a track on our Zune: it's Jen Kearney's Warm Bath Eyes. Celeste and I are nigh giddy about this still-so-rare Zune sharing moment.

I walk up to our fellow Zuner and tell him thanks for the track. Then I notice his player. It's a 16GB Citron Zune - the limited edition player released to Zune team members in celebration of the Zune 2 launch.

Turns out he's a program manager on the Zune team, and has worked with Zune Social and in the forums. I tell him hello from Zunerama, and we chat for a moment before he has to board his flight.

With this encounter following my previous Zune episode by just a few days, I'm making a mental note to keep my wireless turned on whenever I'm about to fly the friendly skies.

Nice meeting you, Charles! Say hello to Cesar and the Zune team, from me and Celeste.

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Zune accessory giveaways

December 8, 2007

12 Skinz of Christmas

by Harvey Chute

Don't look now, but we just launched another giveaway.

For 12 days, we'll be giving away a quality vinyl Zune skin - of your choice - to Zunerama members, courtesy of WraptorSkinz.

You can enter in this giveaway thread.

Not sure what these are or how they work? See our Zunerama review, for our hands-on look with lotsa pics.

Good luck, Zuners!

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December 7, 2007

Spell it with a "zed" - Zune comes to Canada

by Harvey Chute

I'm guessing that this is not Microsoft-endorsed, but Canadian brick-and-mortar retailer XScargo is selling new Zune 30GB players for $129 CDN, in-store only.

We've already had some new Canucks join our forums after picking these up in Edmonton.

Amazing, eh! (I can say that authentically, I was born and raised north of the 49th.)

Now if they could only access Zune Marketplace from the friendly provinces, how sweet it would be.

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December 6, 2007

I just bought three Belkin TunePowers

by Harvey Chute

Thanks to today's woot, I have not one, not two, but three Belkin Zune TunePowers. Got'em at the highly-motivating price of $17.99 each.

These handy attachments extend the playing time of your 30GB Zune by another 6 to 12 hours. They regularly go for $59.99, so I'm quite pleased at my woot price.

More than likely, when you least expect it, one of these will show up in one of our Instant Win giveaways.

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December 5, 2007

Instant Win giveaways at Zunerama

by Harvey Chute

Here at Zunerama headquarters, we spend a good part of our weekends sitting around, shooting pool, and thinking of imaginative new ways to give our members free Zune stuff.

Thanks to our active membership, nice companies like DLO, Incipio, Speck, V-Moda, and others send a steady stream of Zune cases, transmitters, power kits, skins, and other goodies to us. Along with our review units, they often send additional units - and we like to pass on their generosity to you.

So, in addition to the traditional contests and giveaways that have made winners out of more than 200 of our members, we're starting something new: Instant Win giveaways.

At random times, perhaps when you least expect it, we'll create an Instant Win post in our members only board, with a pic of a Zune accessory. The first member to reply to the post wins that accessory. Just ask Chrune - he won our first Instant Win this past week.

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See Zune Players on Amazon: Black, White, Brown

December 3, 2007

8 great gift ideas

...for the Zuner in your life

by Harvey Chute

Stumped for a BIG gift idea for your favorite Zuner? (Or Zuner wanna-be?)

Here are eight ideas that are sure to warm your giftee's heart.

Note: most of these are affiliate links, so you not only get the joy of giving, you also get the great karma that goes along with helping to keep Zunerama zunin' along. What a wonderful season it is. :)

On with our shopping list of the eight great:

1. VAF Octavio 1

If you're not familiar with this exquisite Zune stereo dock, check out these pics and impressions from our Zunerama review.

Can I get it by Christmas? Yes, it can arrive in two days.

2. V-Moda VIBE earphones

Some people think the best gifts come in little boxes, and that may be the case when the box contains these pleasing and powerful earphones. We reviewed these recently and have really been enjoying these earphones.

Can I get it by Christmas? Yes.

3. Zune 30GB bundle

This particular Zune Bundle includes a white Zune 30GB player, a Microsoft docking station, and a BlueProton 1GB USB 2.0 flash drive

Can I get it by Christmas? Yes.

4. Altec Lansing M604 Zune Stereo Dock

I first saw the Altec M-604 at the Zune preview event last year. I don't own one (yet), but it looked impressive on the showroom floor, and I haven't seen a bad review of it. Availability can be an issue, so check out Amazon for the latest in-stock data.

Can I get it by Christmas? Iffy.

5. Video Glasses

Is your gift recipient confident in his or geekiness? At home in his ill-fitting clothes?

Then check out 22Moo's line of Video Glasses. Just hook these goggles up to your Zune, and get transported.

My lovely wife modeled these in our review of the ZuneVG. It's really as much fun as two nerds can have together.

Can I get it by Christmas? Maybe.

6. Zune 80GB player

Now this one is on a lot of people's wish lists. It's finally becoming more readily available!

But can I get it by Christmas? Yes, if you choose Standard Shipping. Don't wait too long!

7. Zune 8GB player

You've seen our unboxing, you've seen our review. Now put a little flash in your life with this ultracompact 8GB Zune music/video/photo/podcast player.

Can I get it by Christmas? Yes.

8. Zune 30GB player (pink)

What can we say? It's the classic. (Oops, strike that choice of words.)

Anyway, here's the proven-out first-generation Zune, in a lovely shade of pink. Zune 30GB players are one of the best deals going anywhere this Christmas.

Can I get it by Christmas? Yes.

For more of this fun stuff, see this Amazon list of big-ticket Zune gifts.

P.S. If you were thinking of a Kindle - Amazon's amazing new wireless reading device - Amazon is taking orders first-come, first-served, but due to heavy demand this must-have gadget cannot arrive by Christmas. Maybe a New Year's present for your favorite Nerd Herd member?

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December 1, 2007

Review: WraptorSkinz for Zune

by Harvey Chute

Accessory-maker WraptorSkinz kindly chose Zunerama to give the first review of its new lineup of Zune WraptorSkinz - colorful vinyl skins that protect and decorate your Zune player.

The WraptorSkinz designs are vivid, with an array of splashy colors and photo-quality patterns to choose from. Over 80 designs are available across the Zune player lineup.

WraptorSkinz provided us with some matching Zune wallpaper for the skins they sent us. Very cool! Those wallpapers will shortly be available for download (free of charge) from the WraptorSkinz website.

You can see more WraptorSkins on Amazon through the affiliate links below - click on any of the wallpapers below to see its corresponding skin:

For a closer look at these skins - and to see pics of the skins on our Zune 8 and 30 players - check out our photo review!

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November 30, 2007

Winner: My-Avatar-Is-Me contest

by Harvey Chute

zune graphic

Congratulations to taras82, whose entry was randomly drawn in our My-Avatar-is-Me contest. This special contest was open to Zunerama members who have a picture of themselves as an avatar.

You can see all entrants in the My-Avatar-Is-Me thread.

Meanwhile, the lucky Taras82 has a pair of V-Moda's exquisite VIBE earphones coming her way. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Find Zune accessories on Amazon

November 29, 2007

Fifty Zunerama members win free Zune cases

by Harvey Chute

In a very generous giveaway from Case-Mate, we've selected 50 Zunerama members to receive their choice of beautiful pebbly Italian leather cases.

Congratulations to Nardes, zcktomcat, jayjayj625, Jander, CheeseLikesCereal, payaso, daboma, Ac1d Puppy, mikeh042, pbg4life, kcitti, dcliffo, apr1l, dandill23, bballalltheway23, jkershen, jerry800, cav3000, InSaNe, GRINACE, Rocky, hmvrulz, segadc, dupont operator, mrpetey2u, rdhoss, fangirl, patrickem, j10s, Thrawst, aperry, mcevoys, eagleo, Pamsgfp, djricorich, ZuneScout, kuleyb, fantasma, ZUNEY ZUNE, idkadte, OldSkoolFixer, Wes2theG, makincheez, jgd157, GWIZ2260, Sunset87, paulmike3, zuneramaed, d_zune_user, and Ken48730!

We're always dishing out Zune goodies for Zunerama members in our giveaway board.

Not a member yet? Join the party!

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November 28, 2007

Wicked fast delivery on those Zune Originals

...and Zune 80 Originals now available!

by Harvey Chute

zune graphic

It went like this:

Friday November 23, 17:00 (EST). Atlanta airport. Ordered four Zunerama Originals 8GB players, while waiting for our flight home.

Saturday November 24, 11:00 (PST). Zunerama headquarters. Received email saying the players - with special art and text engravings, natch - had been shipped.

Tuesday November 27, 14:30 (PST). My front porch. They arrive!

Totally impressive.

P.S. As of today, you can order Zune 80GB Zune Originals as well as the Zune 4GB and 8GB players! Get'em here!

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