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May 11, 2007

Bunnystyle wins Incipio grand prize for Zune case design

by Harvey Chute

Congratulations to Bunnystyle, who today won the Grand Prize in our Incipio "DESIGN YOUR OWN ZUNE CASE" contest..!!

For the past seven weeks, we've given away an Incipio case every week to members submitting original Zune case designs.

Bunnystyle, our grand prize winner, will receive:

  • $250 in Marketplace Points, AND...(drumroll please)...
  • Incipio will CREATE a version of the case that Bunnystyle designed, and send him his own to keep!!
  • You can check out all of the submitted designs in the 80+ posts in our Design Your Own Zune Case thread.

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    May 10, 2007

    June 1: big Zune announcement?

    by Harvey Chute

    Another third-hand rumor today, this one from Gizmodo about a Microsoft announcement coming up on June 1.

    In the words of the anonymous tipster, quoting an anonymous Microsoft insider: "If you like [Zune], then you're going to love June 1st."

    This could be the date for the announcement of the highly-anticipated flash-memory Zune, or the so-called Zune 2.0 (higher-capacity hard-drive player).

    In my opinion, a more likely announcement would be the other rumor out there: expanded wireless capability. And specifically, wireless connection to Zune Marketplace - enabling Zunes to download new music from Marketplace, on the fly.

    But we'll happily take any one of the three. In the words of your Zunerama editor: Bring. It. On.

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    May 7, 2007

    Excitement builds over rumored new Zune players

    by Harvey Chute

    Two new Zune players were reportedly previewed to developers by Microsoft this week - a flash memory-based Zune, and an updated hard drive-based Zune.

    Unconfirmed leaks are that the flash Zune (no model name has been revealed for the player) is "physically larger than the iPod nano". No definitive word yet on whether the flash Zune will include wireless capability... but we remain hopeful.

    The hard drive-based Zune is rumored to have a larger display (widescreen perhaps?) and additional storage capacity than the current 30GB model. This would presumably mean an 80GB or 100GB version, given Toshiba's recent release of drives in those capacities.

    Coupled with Microsoft's recent advertising push for Zune, this bodes well for an exciting summer for Zune lovers.

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    Zune DVD tutorial

    May 1, 2007

    New Zune players: rumors get slightly more specific

    It's mostly intangible, but the rumors and the supporting evidence are growing that new Zune player models may be hitting the streets sooner rather than later.

    The latest - reported by Yahoo News - includes comments by Zune marketing head Chris Stephenson. Chris indicates that Microsoft is planning three categories of players - the higher-end video player already released, a mid-range device (think Nano), and a low-end device (a la Shuffle).

    Of course, Microsoft has made no secret of its plans to augment the Zune 30GB model with a full line of digital media players. So this is all about timing, and the specifics of the new models being planned.

    Chris mentions expanding Wi-Fi features to enable downloading tracks in public, and wireless sync with PCs. He also indicates that Microsoft will be making Zune product announcements in the next month or so.

    Taking that news, and factoring in the word that another heavy round of Zune marketing is coming up... and this just might be an interesting season ahead.

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    See Zune Players on Amazon: Black, White, Brown

    April 30, 2007

    Winner of ZuneTank!

    zune graphic

    Congratulations to Cochell, who had the good fortune tonight to win our ZuneTank!

    Cochell was chosen from over 100 entrants, each of whom had to make a statement of why they are man (or woman) enough to deserve this honkin' case.

    You can see all entries here. Thanks for playing, everyone - and thanks to YoTank! Check'em out for their two flavors of ZuneTanks and other great products.

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    Zune accessory giveaways

    April 30, 2007

    Major giveaways underway now

    One of the joys of running this site is receiving Zune players and high quality accessories to give away to our members. And we have some serious gadget-bling to give away right now, including:

  • one shiny ZuneTank... what we call the "Hummer of all Zune cases". Drawing April 30 (today!). Enter here.
  • $250 in Microsoft Points, and your own custom-made case from Incipio. Weekly drawings; grand drawing May 11! Enter here.
  • a pair of Canvas Sport brown cases (limited edition) in our userbar contest. Drawing May 4! Enter here.
  • ...and... one Zunerama member will win his or her very own PINK ZUNE, courtesy of Microsoft. Drawing June 1! Enter here.
  • Beyond all that, we've also created a members-only giveaway board. Only registered members can view and win those giveaways. Members, check out our current contest here.

    Not a member yet? Join us with our 15-second registration, and be a part of Zunerama - home of more Zune giveaways than any other website.

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    Turn your 
desktop into a beautiful aquarium!

    Elegant fish, swaying plants, rising bubbles, full stereo music...
    Get 3D Aquarium

    April 29, 2007

    Update on Where the Zunes are

    Every month or so we like to check out our Zune location map on Frappr. The map tracks Zunerama members with their home location, and was set up by Zunerama member Jander.

    The map has now been viewed over 70,000 times!

    You can add your own location by clicking the Join button. (Hitting the grey button at the bottom will take you the full-size map on Frappr.)

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    See Zune accessories on Amazon:
    Zune Travel Pack   |   Zune Car Pack   |   Zune Home A/V Pack   |   Zune Tough Skin

    April 28, 2007

    Play DVDs on Zune: tutorial updated and expanded

    zune graphic

    A new version of Cucusoft's Zune DVD Conversion Suite was released earlier this month, and we've expanded our tutorial with new screenshots. The updated tutorial highlights new features available with this release.

    The new version has improved support for widescreen and full-screen video formats. It also lets you convert by using DVD controls just as you would with your DVD player ("direct mode"), or by selecting multiple video files within a DVD ("batch mode"). Batch mode makes it easier to rip multiple video files from a DVD, as you may want to do when ripping multiple episodes of a television series.

    You can see the tutorial here. In our forums, we also provide a Cucusoft Technical Support board specifically for Cucusoft questions.

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    Find Zune accessories on Amazon

    April 27, 2007

    Dearest Zunerama members (Win a Pink Zune!)

    zune graphic

    Dearest Zunerama members,

    I hope this note finds you well and warm. It's another rainy day here, but the air is alive with the fragrant colors and buddings of spring. I've got some soft jazz playing on my Zune (thanks to my home A/V kit), and all seems well with the world.

    School is fine, the family's doing great, and we're looking forward to our summer camping trip next month. What else... oh yes, the dog threw up this morning. I think she'll be okay though.

    But enough about me. I have some exciting news to share.

    As you may recall, only 100,000 pink Zunes will be made. And now you, my friend, have a chance to win your very own.

    I kid you not. Zune team member Cesar (host of ZuneInsider and the grand ambassador of all things Zune) has given Zunerama a brand new Pink Zune, to give away to one of you.

    And how to win this, you ask? Well, one hears that letter writing is a relic of days gone by, and perhaps that is so. But I'm imagining how delighted the Zune team would be to receive a short letter from you.

    So, post a short letter to Microsoft's Zune team. I'll forward the letters, and on the first day of June I'll randomly draw our winner's name from the entrants. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,


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    April 22, 2007

    Photo review: YoTank's ZuneTank

    zune graphic

    We've got a giveaway going for YoTank's aluminum ZuneTank, and to give you a better idea of what's up for grabs, we've published a photo review of this beefy case.

    Check out our pictures and reviews. And to enter to win, you know where to go - - head to our giveaway boards and get in on a chance to win this great conversation piece!!

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    April 20, 2007

    100GB Zune - with discounted pricing for Zunerama members

    zune graphic

    30GB not enough for ya? You can now get a 100GB upgrade for your Zune - room for a jaw-dropping 25,000 songs or 330 hours of video..! (The 30GB Zune drive has a capacity of 7,500 songs or 100 hours of video.)

    iPodMods is now offering these hard drives, along with do-it-yourself installation instructions.

    And - exclusively for Zunerama members - iPodMods is offering $40 off the Zune 100GB drive. Click on the "comments" link below to get the coupon code.

    The 100GB fits perfectly in place of your existing 30GB hard drive. The drive is from Toshiba - the makers of the current hard drive installed in the Zune, and consumes about the same amount of power as the current Zune. The mod comes with a 90 day warranty offered by iPodMods. You can check out iPodMods for more information.

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    April 19, 2007

    zune graphic

    April 17, 2007

    Photo review: Sketchy's JKD case for Zune

    zune graphic

    Today we have a special treat - our review of a homemade case from Zunerama member Sketchy62.

    Before we get into the review, just who is the young genius behind this? Sketchy is 19 years old, and a 1st-year student at Pasadena City College in California. He recently started working part-time at a 3D laser lab in a college of design - and has been designing cases with Corel Draw and fabricating them with the laser. A Zunerama member since January, Sketchy has given us a glimpse into the design and fabrication process, through his diligent documentation of his research, design, and prototyping of Zune cases.

    The result is his ingenious line of Zune cases, which includes the JKD 4 case that we're reviewing today.

    Check out the full review and pics here.

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