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About Zunerama

Established in July 2006, Zunerama is an independent website dedicated to Zune, Microsoft's portable media player and music download service.

While we take our technology seriously here, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy the passion, curiosity, expertise, and humor that the Zunerama community brings to this website. Our aim is to provide useful resources and a friendly, knowledgeable gathering place for all Zune owners.

The Zunerama mission is to be a hub for the Zune community, and to provide comprehensive resources for Zune owners. Those resources include:

Harvey Chute, the founder and editor of Zunerama, has also co-authored Wiley's Zune for Dummies guide. He received Microsoft's 2007 and 2008 MVP award (Most Valuable Professional) for Digital Media.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have story tips, suggestions, or just want to write us, please do.

Press releases:

  • 2009 Zune Guide Published by Zunerama (November 19, 2008) (pdf)
  • Zune Community Site Goes International; Surpasses 2 Million Pageviews (June 1, 2007) (pdf)
  • Zunerama emerges as leading resource for Microsoft Zune (December 23, 2006) (pdf)


  • USA Today: Hundreds of Microsoft Zunes mysteriously shut down. "'What's really surprising is that this came out of nowhere,' says Harvey Chute, author of Zune for Dummies, who says none of the other versions of the Zune — the 4, 8, 16, 80 and 120GB models — were affected."
  • Huffington Post: Zune stuck on loading screen - everywhere. "In a story that is all over the net already, it appears a strange malady is hitting many if not all first generation Zune 30s. At some point on Dec 31..."
  • Hollywood Reporter: Microsoft sets sights on iPod with new Zune, Paul Bond. "A few months ago, Harvey Chute started Zunerama.com, where he has been posting news, intelligence, speculation, photos..."
  • Seattle Times: Zune's not so generous with wireless song-sharing, Dina Bass. "Zune Blog Zunerama found that 21 of the 50 most popular downloads in the Zune store couldn't be shared..."
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Zune unable to share all songs, Microsoft says, Bloomberg News.
  • Wall Street Journal: Obama zuneGate, Day Two, Andrew LaVallee. "Barack Obama: Zune man? Or Apple fanboy?"
  • Washington Post: ZuneGate: Is Obama an iPresident or Not?, Daniel Ionescu. "Does President-elect Obama use a Zune or an iPhone? This important political question is probed. "
  • Houston Chronicle: Zune file sharing more crippled than first thought, Jim Thompson.
  • The Daily Aztec, San Diego University: Zune must improve Wi-Fi to beat iPod, John P. Gamboa.
  • Gizmodo: Zune Marketplace vs. iTunes Hands-On: iTunes Search Comes Up Lame. "When the Zunerama reviewers searched for 500 songs on each music store, they noticed..."
  • Gizmodo: Easy Method to Extend Your Zune's Battery Life. "Here's a cheap and easy way to extend your Zune's battery life..."
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  • Engadget: Stream music from Zune to Zune wirelessly..., Ryan Block. Props to Zunerama for an anti-hack so painfully obvious we're kind of kicking ourselves..."
  • Engadget: Stolen Zune recovered while attempting to join the social, Evan Blass. "So we knew there had to be a good use for the Zune's crippled wireless functionality, and by golly, a Zunerama member has found..."
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  • CrunchGear: Zune Marketplace Songs Work on Plays-For-Sure Devices??, John Biggs. "There's a bit of excitement over at Zunerama as one reader has discovered that..."
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  • IQ Online: MS Zune Devoted Website Claims Top Resource Slot For Gadget. "Zunerama provides a hub for Zune owners and others interested in the new Zune player and music service.
  • O'Reilly Digital Media: Zune User Interface Map, Erica Sadun. "Zune Website Zunerama put together a nifty graphic of the Zune menu structure. It based its tree on the various reviews, demo videos, and..."
  • Generation Zune: Interview: Zunerama.com, Andrea Avellan.


  • 1,000 Song Searches: a Comparison of Music Searching with iTunes and Zune Marketplace.
  • iPod/iTunes: Under Attack from Hackers
  • What Will Play - and Won't Play - on your Zune

Zunerama is an independent resource center for Zune and is not affiliated with Microsoft. Zune, Zune software, Zune Marketplace, and associated names and logos are the property of Microsoft.