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Robbie Bach & J Allard Leaving Microsoft E & D

25 May, 2010 (20:23) | zune news | By: Travis

Today Microsoft Announced that long time head Robbie Bach has decided to leave the Microsoft Entertainment and Devices division.  In addition J Allard will also leave step down effective immediately.

From TechFlash

“For me our business right now, you know, we’re having a great year in E&D. You can look at us, we’re going to — through the third quarter we’re on track to have our best year financially we’ve ever had. We’ve got a great set of product stuff coming with Natal, Windows Phone 7, and we’ve got Kin out in the marketplace. There’s actually like four or five other things — new version of Mac Office, a new version of our embedded operating system. So, it’s a big year for us from a product perspective. So, from a business perspective we’re in a very good position, and the team is set up to continue to drive successfully forward.

And from a personal position, you know, I’ve been here 22 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really big initiatives, you know, Office, work on Xbox, to work on things we’re doing in the phone space, building our retail business. So, those are all really exciting things.”

J. Allard, current VP of Experience will stick around to consult Steve Balmer on special projects. I haven’t yet been able to form my own opinion on Mr. Bach. On one hand his leadership at the Entertainment & Devices division gave me technology I use everyday. On the other hand his division gave the world technology no one would be caught dead using, Media Center, Games for Windows Live, and Windows Mobile. (I like those last two, but only for geeks.)

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