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The Zune week ahead

13 February, 2010 (17:52) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

This’ll be an interesting week ahead for me.

I’ll be in Redmond, meeting with Microsoft for the MVP global summit. Most of my time will be with the Zune product team. That is time I value, as this group has always been generous with their time with MVPs. I’m looking forward to that opportunity, and to learning about Zune activities from their perspective.

Also this coming week, Microsoft will be announcing Windows Mobile 7, an important update to its smartphone operating system. This will occur at the MobileWorld Congress in Barcelona. The new OS will be demo’d on Monday.

I have no insider information on this whatsoever, but find it intriguing that the Wall Street Journal is speculating that the user interface will be inspired by Zune HD. Other reports, less reliable in my opinion, are postulating that Microsoft will release a device as well… a “Zune phone”, if you will, or the mobile device code-named “Pink” that has been long-rumored.