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Zune HD gets real with gaming

15 November, 2009 (18:23) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

After a few days of playing with the suite of new games released for Zune HD last week, our forum members are weighing in with their first impressions.

(Got your games yet? Here are instructions for getting the games loaded on your Zune HD.)

These games are a leap forward in quality compared to earlier game releases. Several of them - notably Audiosurf, Project Gotham Racing, and VanSk8 - take great advantage of the OLED display and introduce 3D gaming to Zune HD.

The new games are: Project Gotham Racing, Audiosurf Tilt, Vans SK8: Pool Service, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Piano, and Checkers. My personal favorite is PGR, which responds crisply to accelerometer movement and makes good use of the HD’s bright display and sound.

 We’re getting good reports on battery life, too. Zunerama member techspian reports he played Audiosurf for six hours and still had battery life. (This makes us a bit concerned about techspian, but that’s another story.)

The games are ad-supported free downloads. (Each game has a 15- to 30-second ad that plays while the game loads.) These are Zune HD games; they’re not playable on earlier Zune players.

Tell us about your Zune HD gaming experience in this forum thread.

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