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That Zune HD preloaded video

14 September, 2009 (23:32) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Zune HD arrives with a preloaded promotional video. Those of us who received early review units aren’t able to sync additional content to the Zune HD until the 4.0 firmware gets released on September 15.

As a result, the little promo video is getting a lot of air time in the first pre-reviews and hands-on looks at the Zune HD!

If you haven’t seen (or heard) it in its entirety, here’s the whole 60-second piece. It’s another one of those Zune-ish conceptual art animations… and I like it. Sorry for the poor audio quality - I had to use Aux-In on my sound system from my HD’s headphone jack, and my PC microphone didn’t pick it up well. The sound track is “Blackout“, by The Whip.



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