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ZuneInsider podcast - the Jessica and Matt show

11 July, 2009 (10:26) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Do you subscribe to the ZuneInsider podcast? I must say that I’m enjoying the banter between Jessica and Matt (Zune Tags “jetherealz” and “skipdeez“).

This week’s version is available now for download.

One of my pet peeves is overly long podcasts, and even though at 28 minutes this is no shorty, the twosome keep it moving along. And, this week they’ve introduced a feature that should be a best practice for any podcast over five minutes in length: an index to the discussion topics. Yes!

And I do appreciate their tip of the hat to Zunerama, which hits at about 5:30 into it.

Here’s this week’s topic rundown. You can see a full index here.

(0:00) We talk about how exciting this part of the release cycle is and what we’re doing at work. And toast. And Hello Kitty. You have to listen to know.

(5:29) We talk about Insidethecircle.net and Zunerama - some of the great sites our MVPs run for Zune fans.

(8:30) Send me and Matt music! We love music!

(9:10) Cinemash rocks. Check out actors and famous people re-enacting scenes from movies. Download it here.

(11:00) Free stuff from Illinois and Days and Nights.

(12:00) Free audiobook from Audible.com! And we talk about reading, libraries, and a book I read recently.

(16:00) There is another Diet Mt. Dew can on my desk.

Trading Zunes! My son introduced me to The Thermals, Pixies, and Operation Ivy. And he’s playing David Bowie. Matt’s all about rap and obsessed with Mos Def. And I’m obsessed with Toby Emerson. And for summer tunes, check out Matt’s fave, 50 Cent.

(22:30) I make it easy for you: don’t search on YouTube, check Cleveland out out here and here. (Must watch with SOUND!)

(23:00) I talk about user similarity. Send me feedback on it!

(26:00) Matt talks about search in the Zune software.

(27:00) Matt announces contest winners from last week.

(27:45) “Count the awesomes” contest!

In other news, I received a very welcome package from Redmond this morning - my 2009/2010 MVP award. Will post pics here shortly.

Have a great weekend, Zuners.


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