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Zune HD has faster, battery-sipping Tegra processor

21 June, 2009 (14:40) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

The Zune HD, to be released this fall, will be powered by the new Tegra processor from NVIDIA. This has been speculated for awhile, and was confirmed on Friday in a ZuneInsider podcast by Matt Akers of the Zune team.

To date, no other portable device uses the new processor, which is being heralded for its battery-efficient operation. (The Tegra draws less than 0.5 Watts of power, and in netbook usage is said to deliver up to 25 days of audio play and 10 hours of video play on a single charge.)  Edited to note that the audio and video specs are from a Tegra running in a netbook, not in Zune HD. No battery life estimates have been announced yet for Zune HD.)

This seems to raise the bar substantially for battery life performance, especially combined with the prospect of the Zune HD’s OLED display - another highly-efficient feature compared to the backlit screens of virtually every other mobile device out there.

The Zune HD is viewable now on Amazon, and we’re counting the weeks until pre-orders are available. Zune HD has a 3.3-inch, 16:9 OLED (480×272 resolution) screen, HD (high-definition) radio, HD (720p) video out, Wi-Fi, a web browser, built-in accelerometer, and a touch-screen QWERTY keyboard.