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Month: June, 2009

Zune HD has faster, battery-sipping Tegra processor

21 June, 2009 (14:40) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

The Zune HD, to be released this fall, will be powered by the new Tegra processor from NVIDIA. This has been speculated for awhile, and was confirmed on Friday in a ZuneInsider podcast by Matt Akers of the Zune team.
To date, no other portable device uses the new processor, which is being heralded for its [...]

Zune.net updates coming tonight

8 June, 2009 (14:48) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Zune.net tonight will be down for a “couple of hours”, according to my Zune MVP contact, starting at 10pm Pacific tonight.
When it comes back to life, Zune.net and the Social will have the following added features:

“Follow an artist” –  Allows users to get news and updates about the artists they care about
RSS feed aggregation – [...]

ZuneHD up on Amazon; no pre-order option yet

2 June, 2009 (20:47) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

ZuneHD is appearing now on Amazon, with a product detail page viewable now.
It’s not available for pre-order yet. But the product page offers a nice round-up of the ZuneHD’s unique capabilities.
Note: there is was some mangled language in the product page about Xbox gaming. Don’t get too excited about that; my understanding from the Zune [...]

Zune video on Xbox LIVE: instant on-demand HD video to the masses

1 June, 2009 (12:21) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Moments ago, Microsoft lifted the covers on its plans to integrate Zune Video Marketplace with Xbox.
High-definition movies and TV shows from Zune Marketplace are being made available to 17 million Xbox LIVE subscribers. The previous Xbox video store is being merged into the Zune Marketplace video store. This is a significant extension of the Zune [...]