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Zune screen passes impressive hardness test

22 April, 2009 (22:14) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Anythingbutipod has conducted a series of hardness tests on MP3 player screens.

Using keys, a razor blade, and a carbon steel kitchen knife, Grahm from ABI vividly demonstrates how the Zune’s glass screen is impervious to being scratched.

As Grahm points out, a device’s susceptibility to scratches is determined by the relative hardness of the device material compared to the material it comes in contact with. A hard object will not be scratched by a softer object, and the Mohs hardness scale can be used to classify the relative hardness of different materials.

See the video below, and I’d recommend visiting ABI for the scratch test results on several MP3 players. It just might make you re-think the notion of purchasing a screen protector. These glass screens are tough!