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Zune.net update: browser-based podcasts, RSS feeds, music trivia quizzes

2 March, 2009 (22:53) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

I’m on the Redmond campus this week for the Microsoft MVP global summit. My meetings with the Zune team are, as usual,  governed by my MVP Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

While here, though, the Zune team has let me and the other Zune MPVs share with you some information about the Zune.net update rolling out tonight.

I posted earlier about the podcast updates. In addition, the update includes:

- A Zune Social music trivia game. This new feature allows Zune.net forum members to create and post music trivia quizzes. The music referenced in those quizzes is linked into Zune Marketplace, where it can be played or purchased. When you publish a quiz, and when a friend tries your quiz, it shows up in your Recent Activity.

- An RSS feed will now be available for Zune Social forums

The music trivia game is a user-requested feature from the Zune.net forums, and offers a novel way to share music trivia with other forum members. You can see another screenshot here.

Tomorrow is another full day of Zune meetings, most of which will also be under NDA. I’ll share what I can in tomorrow’s posts, though!