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Kicker announces two new Zune stereos

8 January, 2009 (13:55) | accessories | By: Harvey Chute

At CES 2009 today, I learned from Kicker Audio that they are releasing two new Zune docking stereos.

Previously unannounced, the ZK150 is a clock radio dock for Zune. To be released ‘early third quarter’ of 2009, the ZK150 has dual alarms, AM/FM radio, bass/treble adjustments, and is compatible with all models of Zune players.

The ZK150 has 3-inch full-range speakers, with ported enclosures - meaning, as the Kicker Audio rep explained to me, they give superior audio to other speakers that come with sealed enclosures.

I played with a prototype unit, configured for iPod. (The iPod and the Zune versions of the dock will be released at the same time, and sport the same feature set.)

Also in the works: the Kicker ZK350 - a lower-end alternative to Kicker’s ZK500 Zune stereo dock. The ZK350 will be released late in the third quarter of 2009. It will have a smaller footprint, smaller speakers, and - no doubt - a smaller price than the highly-regarded ZK500.

It’s great to see Kicker’s commitment to the Zune platform! Kicker’s first Zune dock, the ZK500, has been one of our most popular accessory reviews on Zunerama.

I spoke with Jay Tonsfeldt, Kicker’s business unit director for Home and Portables. Jay commented that they are really pleased with working with Microsoft’s Zune team, and that the response they got to the ZK500 made it an easy decision to go forward with the addition of these new Zune docks to their lineup.

Click through for more pictures of the Kicker booth, and the iK150 / ZK150.



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