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Inspiretech’s Zune AC Adapter - a steal

19 January, 2009 (14:58) | accessories | By: Harvey Chute

I enjoy the Zune website ClicZune, which does a really good job of keeping up with Zune accessories.

This morning, they’re at it again with their post about a nice, and really inexpensive, Zune AC Adapter from Inspiretech.

In fact, Inspiretech has a whole set of Zune accessories available at some of the best prices I’ve seen. From $3.62 on up, these accessories are worth a look!

I’m making progress on more CES photos, and I’ve made good progress in working with accessory makers to get some more review samples sent my way. Look for more pix, and accessory reviews, coming up for a variety of cases, earbuds, headphones,  and stereos of interest to Zune owners.