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A long-time iTunes Store user reviews Zune Marketplace

29 January, 2009 (18:41) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

“The more I got to know the Zune software and Marketplace, the more I came to really enjoy what Microsoft has done with the platform. Features like the cover art quilt that appears over the Zune software, and a Mixview that is a much more visually interactive version of Apple’s Genius feature, show that Microsoft is really thinking about how to make media consumption more fun, interesting, and engaging. I may be a long-time customer of the iTunes Store and the owner of two iPods, an iPhone, two Macs, and an Apple TV, but when it comes to the music aspect of these products, I’m beginning to think that Microsoft has really zeroed in on some of the greatest aspects of enjoying music.”

David Chartier of Arstechnica.com gives a solid review of Zune Marketplace. In insightful fashion he compares it, mostly favorably, with iTunes Store.

It’s a worthwhile read, and probably eye-opening for iTunes users who haven’t given Zune Software and Zune Marketplace a try.