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Your Zune 30GB will wake up at midnight (GMT) tonight

31 December, 2008 (14:33) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

That’s midnight Greenwich time, or 7am Eastern. ZuneInsider just twittered the following updates:

ZuneInsider: ok all. the issue is a bug in the driver that controls the internal clock. turns out it does not like leap years.

ZuneInsider: as the date flips to 09 the device should be back to normal. let the battery die the plug in and restart once we flip the date.

A date driver problem! Sheesh!

I think this means, we have to wait until midnight tonight (Greenwich time) for your Zune 30GB to wake up.

Hope you weren’t planning on playing your Zune 30 at tonight’s New Year’s parties. I’m glad I have my Zune 80GB and 120GB. But, at least, your 30 should rise from the dead in the next few hours, to greet the New Year.

More details on the problem and the fix here. And, Microsoft assures us that it’ll be fixed through a firmware update before the *next* leap year, in 2012.


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