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Zune 3.1 out today, with new games, and “like-minded” social feature

18 November, 2008 (08:01) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Microsoft is releasing a minor update this morning to your Zune firmware and software. Zune 3.1 brings new games, a new Zune Social feature, and other software improvements.

Three new free games are Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle. These join Texas Hold’em and Hexic as games embedded in the Zune software. Texas Hold’em is also being updated in 3.1, with a new multiplayer mode and single player difficulty levels.

A new feature - “like-minded listeners” - is being added to Zune Social. This lets you compare your musical tastes with other listeners and friends. And, the look of Zune Social is being refreshed to simplify navigation.

In addition, Zune 3.1 includes overall stability and performance updates - both in Zune PC software and device firmware. Play count reporting and PC sync will be improved.

To update your firmware, connect your Zune to your PC, and go to Settings > Check for Updates.