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Greatest-Ever Driving Playlist

25 November, 2008 (11:47) | giveaways | By: Harvey Chute

I love playing my Zune in my car. Especially while on long drives, there is nothing that beats a well-chosen driving playlist, pumped through my car stereo, and cranked up just a little too loud.

But I need your help! I have a major, multi-day driving trip coming up in January. And I want to assemble the Greatest-Ever Driving Playlist, to help me roll through those many miles.

So here’s my challenge to you: Give me your suggested tracks for the Greatest-Ever Driving Playlist. If you suggest five tracks or more, you’ll be eligible to win a limited edition Zune T-shirt. (I’ll post a pic soon but, trust me, it’s cool.)

You can enter as often as you like. The winner will be selected arbitrarily and capriciously by me. Contest closes December 15th!

So, drivers: start your engines and get those playlist suggestions in! My driving companions and I thank you.


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