Nov 092008

This page is obsolete:

The manual has basic features and specifications of the product, such as the dimensions of the MP3 player and the size of the hard drive that the product could have. It also has pictures to show the user the different kinds of Zune players there are other than the one he or she purchased. This could be a selling technique Microsoft thought of in order to get consumers to keep buying Zune products if they like the diverse kinds of players that are out in the market. Next, the manual goes into controls. This shows how to use the touch pad that has been integrated into the new control scheme. After a few pictures, there is more information about another new feature – the wireless sync. This allows the Zune to connect and transfer information from the user’s PC to their Zune wireless. The manual first tells the consumer about all the features in the Zune, but does not show them how to use these features.

About half-way through the manual, there are step by step instructions on how to use all these features. The instructions are useful and easy to follow. The manual also informs about the connectivity of the Zune with the Xbox 360 and how music and videos on the Zune can be played on the 360. Overall, this manual seems like a good introduction to the Zune product. However, if one would want to get a full outlook about everything a Zune is capable of, this is not the technical document to use. There is not a guide on how to convert the consumer’s favorite TV shows or movies to the format the Zune is compatible with, nor are there helpful tips on using the Zune power management.

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