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Month: November, 2008

Zune Phone rumors: ringing true?

30 November, 2008 (20:11) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Several Zune phone rumors have surfaced over the past few days, pointing to a move from Microsoft to develop its own portable device to compete with Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry products.
Is there substance to these reports? Well, let’s dissect what is known, and consider how well the dots connect up:
The Danger Acquisition. Microsoft bought [...]

Greatest-Ever Driving Playlist

25 November, 2008 (11:47) | giveaways | By: Harvey Chute

I love playing my Zune in my car. Especially while on long drives, there is nothing that beats a well-chosen driving playlist, pumped through my car stereo, and cranked up just a little too loud.
But I need your help! I have a major, multi-day driving trip coming up in January. And I want to assemble [...]

Advice on Zune players for kids

24 November, 2008 (13:08) | opinion | By: Harvey Chute

Our members are discussing gift options for teens and ‘tweens’.
Given the current holiday sale prices on Zune players, is it worthwhile to go with a high capacity player? Or does the small size of a flash Zune trump that?
How important are the capacity differences between a Zune 4, 8, and 16?
And, how does the new [...]

Amazon sales on Zune 8 GB, 4 GB flash players

22 November, 2008 (20:49) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Not sure how long this will last, but Amazon has a door-crasher of a sale on right now for Zune flash players. The Zune 8GB flash player is going for $112 (including the new blue color), and the 4GB is on sale for $86. Both sale prices are unprecedented, and surely will result [...]

Canadians: a great deal on Zune flash players

21 November, 2008 (20:37) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

The Canadian version of BestBuy’s online store is offering an unusually generous offer: get a free 4GB Zune when you buy a 16GB Zune player.
I haven’t seen a deal comparable to that here in the States. It’s a limited time offer, available here.
Thanks to ZuneInsider for the news.

FAQ: the new Zune Pass ‘keep-it-forever’ model

20 November, 2008 (09:03) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Here are answers to commonly-asked questions about the new Zune Pass subscription model, which became available at 11pm Pacific last night. With this enhancement, you not only get subscription access to tracks from Zune Marketplace - you also get ten tracks per month, for keeps!
1. What’s the catch here?
There doesn’t seem to be a [...]

Zune Pass subscription now lets you keep tracks forever

19 November, 2008 (22:00) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Well, this rumor didn’t take long to confirm. Microsoft has indeed enhanced its Zune Pass subscription service - and in a big, bold way. Now, in addition to giving access to millions of Marketplace tracks, the Zune Pass lets you keep ten free songs every month.
This makes the Zune Pass an even more compelling bargain. [...]

New subscription model in the works for Zune?

19 November, 2008 (14:53) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

Some details about upcoming Zune plans were revealed today by Microsoft Zune marketing lead Chris Stephenson.
In an interview with AdWeek about Microsoft’s use of marketing agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, Stephenson indicates that the company plans to reveal a new Zune subscription model this week “that’ll make it easier for people to get into the [...]

New Zune games: user reviews

19 November, 2008 (08:20) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

We’re collecting user reviews for the new Zune games released yesterday.
See what our members have to say about the Zune versions of Sudoku, Checkers, and Space Battle. And add your own review and feedback to the mix.
Each of the above games, as well as Hexic and Texas Hold’em, are free games available with the Zune [...]

Price drops on Zune flash players!

18 November, 2008 (16:21) | zune news | By: Harvey Chute

An hour or so ago, Microsoft announced price reductions for Zune flash players, just in time for the holiday season.
The Zune 16GB, which debuted in September at $199, is now retailing for $179.
The Zune 8GB is reduced by $10, to now sell for $139.
And the Zune 4GB - presumably on its way to being discontinued [...]

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