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Zune trick: use genres for custom track ratings

6 September, 2008 (10:52) | tips | By: Harvey Chute

Are you one of those Zuners who can’t stand Zune’s simplified Heart / Broken-Heart system for rating tracks?

It’s been one of the more controversial Zune features, as it does away with the conventional 5-star rating system used by iTunes, Windows Media Player, and others.

Well, this post may be for you. This morning Zunerama member ballbagcheese posts a trick to using genres as a customized rating system.

He notes that Zune software lets you create genres by clicking on an album or track. His concept is to set up a separate genre for each “star” rating - for example, Rock 5 *, Rock 4 *, Jazz 5 *, etc.

Another method is to use an unused metatag field - say, “conductor” - and put 5-star rating info into that field. You can then use autoplaylists to pull all of our 5-star tracks automatically.

The downside - you can do this in Zune software, but not from the player itself. Still, for those of you who want a more graduated rating system than Love It / Hate It… it’s one way to work around it!

See more details, and reactions from other Zuners, here.