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Ciao: user reviews of tech gadgets, other consumer items

1 September, 2008 (01:03) | accessories | By: Harvey Chute

As a reviewer of Zune players and accessories, I enjoy hearing what consumers have to say about those products as well as other tech gadgets.

Recently I’ve come across Ciao, which is a consumer review site.

It collects reviews and ratings for all kinds of products, from household appliances to utility services to music players. It also provides up-to-date pricing on those items from online retailers.

One unique thing about Ciao - it actually pays consumers who write reviews that other members rate as helpful. As a result, it seems to get high-quality, thoughtful reviews from its users.

It also has a useful side-by-side feature for comparing specs from multiple products. Just select multiple products from any search page, and click ‘Compare’.

The Zune part of Ciao is pretty new, but it’s already starting to receive reviews. If you’re researching tech gadgets or other products, it’s worth taking a look at Ciao for some insights from your fellow consumers.