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Official Zune User’s Guide

30 August, 2008 (22:19) | zune help | By: Harvey Chute

Have you seen the online Zune User’s Guide… lately?

I checked this out recently, prompted by a recent post from Vipralion.

The guide has been much improved from the versions I’d seen earlier. It has all been updated, of course, for Zune second-generation players and Zune 2.5 software. Sections include Getting Started, Your Zune, Zune Software, Zune Marketplace, Music/Videos/Pictures, Podcasts, Sharing with Friends, and Joining the Social.

You can view it here.

While it doesn’t drill down into great detail - hey, that’s what Zune community sites like Zunerama are for - it does provide a useful primer for new Zune users.

Versions of the guide are also available in Spanish and in French.

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